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“This business is already in your account”

Recently I was attempting to create a Google + Business page for a local business client. We already had a verified map listing for them in the Google Places dashboard, but whenever I tried to create the Google + Page, I was presented with the message ‘This business is already in your account’. If I […]

Yellow Ad Box

Google are displaying a yellow ‘ad’ box next to some Adwords ads today. This is good for two reasons. First of all, there is no way now that anyone could mistake an ad with an organic result. Secondly, I am certain it will actually help with CTR on ads. As this is only happening for […]

10 categories?

I could quite possibly be miles behind here so forgive me if this is old news. The other day I was updating a clients’ Google Places listing and whilst adjusting some categories, discovered that you can now add up to a total of 10 (compared to the previous 5). Is this part of the Australian […]