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“This business is already in your account”

April 10, 2014 - Posted in Google Places Posted by:

Recently I was attempting to create a Google + Business page for a local business client. We already had a verified map listing for them in the Google Places dashboard, but whenever I tried to create the Google + Page, I was presented with the message ‘This business is already in your account’. If I clicked the Google + link in the dashboard, it would take me to the screen to create a + page. I was basically stuck in a loop.

After reading several blog posts and scouring the Google support forums and not finding an answer, I ‘accidentally’ found the solution.

When you first log into the new Google Places dashboard, you are presented with a couple of options. ‘Reviews’, ‘Adwords Express’ & ‘Google + page’. Within the ‘Google + page’ area, there should be a Start Now’ button. See the image below.

Once I clicked that button, the Google + page was created automatically and merged with the verified Google Places listing.

Hopefully this helps others that may be facing the same issue.

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